A Ceremony of Entrustment

by Rebecca Weller

Rituals to mark and heighten a child’s transition from family of birth to family of adoption are personal and highly moving. Here are excerpts from the entrusment ceremony for my son Elijah. …

Honoring the Loss in Adoption

by Martha Rynberg

The more we practice sitting with our sadness, the more room we make for our kids to share theirs with us.

Holidays bring up a lot of emotions in all families, and can be especially fraught in adoptive families. As the holiday season approaches, Pact offers some…

Candle Ceremony

Ritual can play an important role in helping children address and express unspoken feelings. The folks at FAIR (Families Adopting in Response) have developed a beautiful ritual for adopted children. …

Putting our thoughts & feelings into action

By Angela Gee

The Pact Family Camp West 2019 program declared that “behavior is the language of children,” and as an adoptee, an adoptive parent, and a marriage and family therapist who works with families and children, I couldn’t agree more.

Brain function and the connection between emotions and actions are well established…

by Liza Steinberg

adapted from “A Bill of Rights for Mixed Folks,” by Marilyn Dramé.

Every child is entitled to love and full membership in his or her family.

Every child is entitled to have his or her heritage and culture embraced and valued.

Every child is entitled to parents who acknowledge that…

by Beth Hall & Martha Rynberg

Q: Now that my daughter is old enough to go to the movies, she is eager to see all the movies her friends are talking about at school. It seems like almost every one of them touches on adoption in some way! I know she already feels “different” because she…

by Jeanne Lin

What are the particular risks and challenges that transracial adoption presents to identity development for the child? What challenges does the adopted person’s identity development present to the transracial family system? What specific kinds of issues and conflicts might arise and, importantly, what can we do to handle them? …

By Robert L. Ballard, Ph.D.

Alasdair MacIntyre, a well-known ethicist, wrote: “We all live out narratives in our lives.” If this is true, then each life is a story, with a beginning, an end, and a wide range of characters, plot changes, and climaxes that enrich and enliven the story…


Gina Miranda Samuels, PhD., MSW

Discussing multiraciality, transracial adoption, and identity have incited the most heartfelt and passionate debates I have ever witnessed in my professional or personal life. Multiracial families (both adoptive and non-adoptive) and mixed-race people are living symbols, and also walking targets, for some of our…

by Mary Grossnickle, illustrated by Alison Relyea

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing 2014, $15.95, hardcover, 36 pages

A note from Mary Grossnickle:

A Place in My Heart is the result of my own experience with adoption, and also the result of talking to many children who were adopted. …

Pact, An Adoption Alliance

Pact is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve adopted children of color and advocate for ethical adoption practices.

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